Friday, May 27, 2011

OSB IDE on X86_64

To install the 64 bit OEPE with the OSB plugins enabled follow these steps:

  1. Install the 32 bit OEPE and install OSB to point to this OEPE install, according to the normal OSB installation steps.
  2. Download the latest 64 bit OEPE from
  3. Install the 64 bit OEPE, as explained in the instructions on the above web page
  4. Copy the from the original 32 bit oepe 'dropins' to the newly created 64 bit 'dropins' directory.
  5. Edit the eclipse.ini to include the Java path (64-bit required) and the Oracle Service Bus configuration.

Start the new OEPE and the Service Bus IDE extensions will be loaded.

If you get strange errors, for example it can't find a file, which is listed in the workspace, then go to Windows->Preferences->General->Workspace and check the 'Refresh Automatically'  checkbox.

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Barry Ghotra said...

Hello thank you for sharing this. Is this still the only method to install the OSB 64 bit, or can we use the OEPE 64-bit version and just do the installation once ...